Web Movie “ Connecting Feelings “ The web movie made by KanDenko using “ conductive fiber “ is amazing.

Web Movie “ Connecting Feelings “ The web movie made by KanDenko using “ conductive fiber “ is amazing.

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KanDenko launched the web movie “ Connecting Thoughts „ through the official YouTube channel.

In the second part of the film “ The Future with Bright Lights „, which was released in 2016, the video work is completed using a „conductive fiber“, which attracts attention as a material for a new electrical technology.

What is the „conductive thread“ used in the film?

The conductive fiber that appears in the film is a product called „Smart-X“ manufactured by FUJIX Ltd. The nylon fiber thread is silver-plated and has excellent conductivity and antistatic properties, so it is also used on the fingertips of gloves that can be controlled using smartphones and tablets. The film used in this film is a custom-made product from KanDenko and its thickness differs from that of a commercial product.

Utilizing the electrical properties of the conductive fiber, it plays an important role in illuminating the city skyline in the film and expresses the business content of KanDenko, which supports the infrastructure. In addition, the theme of „connecting people, people, thoughts and feelings“ was expressed with the nuance of „connecting things“ that the „thread“ motif has.

How does KanDenko feel in the film?

KanDenko is a comprehensive equipment company that develops equipment for work in a wide range of areas, such as power plants, factories, office buildings, commercial facilities and hospitals. This film was made under the title „Every Person Illuminates the Future“. KanDenko says: „We want to contribute to a bright future and society by connecting and supporting each of us through a scene in which the panorama is drawn with conductive fibers and illuminated and connected by different people.“

It seems to have taken a long time to prepare for production, due to a thorough verification of everything, from the main set, which combines conductive fibers and tricks, to small parts such as people, trees and urban scenery. The company said it was a rather persistent task, with some cuts in the filming itself, which took up to 40 shots.

Production staff, such as director, photographer, lighting and art, are in charge of the same staff as in 2016, the „future with bright lights“. The production staff says, „One of the attractions of this time is that you can rediscover the difference from the previous work and the goodness of both.“

In addition, the artist YeYe played a central role in the production of original songs with the theme „connection and hope“. Kei Iwasaki, who is in charge of guitar / vocals in Sekaiichi, was responsible for the vocals, and Hiroaki Yamashita, known for many commercial songs, was responsible for the string arrangements.

Looking at the work, there is a symbolically drawn scene in which men and women drawn on gloves and a man playing rugby bocce come together. At the time of the shooting, several staff members inhaled together and joined their fingertips, which included the complex movement of a person in a wheelchair from left to right. Thanks to the warm light, the video is warm when you look at it.

Impressive shade of light

On the restoration work scene, KanDenko employees also joined the production team and took part in the event of gently picking up fallen leaves on a tangled thread.

This film not only expresses the theme of society, but is also interesting as a work of art. It’s available for free on the company’s official YouTube channel, so be sure to check it out.

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