The result of a survey of the 10 most popular – the best Japanese sake brands

The result of a survey of the 10 most popular – the best Japanese sake brands

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The Voice Note election site recently conducted a survey of which brand people like to drink. The vote was taken together and detailed views were gathered from 945 people.

Maru (Hakutsuru Sake Brewery) – 10th place

Nihon Sakari (Nihon Sakari Co) – 9th place

Sho Chiku Bai (Takara Shuzo) – 8th place

Koshi no Kanbai (Ishimoto Sake brewery) – 7th place

Gekkeikan (Gekkeikan Sake Company) – 6th place

Kiku-Masamune (Kiku-Masamune Sake) – 5th place

Kenbishi (Kenbishi Sake Brewery) – 4th place

Kubota (Asahi Shuzo Sake Brewery) – 3rd place

In third place is Kubota from Asahi Shuzo, a brewery based in Niigata, which has a reputation for being particularly known for obtaining rice for it. Asahi Shozu works closely with local rice growers, constantly experimenting with new taste profiles to preserve traditional cooking methods. In terms of taste, Kubota has a light and refreshing finish, as well as a deep subtle fragility. Other features that fans at Kubota have admired are its almost translucent appearance, rich scent and relatively cheap price compared to other sake brands.

Hakkaisan (Hakkaisan Brewery) – 2nd place

Many Hakkaisan fans mentioned his taste and how easy it was to descend, with some voters even comparing it to water. Most importantly, Hakkaisan sakura combines extremely well with food. In the case of Japanese cuisine, where fresh ingredients are paramount and delicate flavors are carefully balanced, it is important how one combines one’s meal with food. Hakkaisan sticks out sake with a distinctly sweet but unsurpassed taste, undoubtedly popular at long banquets or occasions requiring a toast. Another factor in its popularity is its ingredients: Hakkaisan is cooked from spring water from its namesake, the famous Hakkai hill in Niigata prefecture and locally grown rice.

1. Dassai (Asahi Shuzo)

And in the first place produced by Asahi Shuzo in Yamaguchi Prefecture, is the name Dassai. Dassai, which is commonly considered the number one Japanese sake brand and sometimes notoriously difficult to taste, has a fruity taste profile and a smooth, refined finish. Many voters commented on how easy it is to drink, they also praised its bright rice undertones and refined aroma.

So here you have – the top 10 most popular sake brands chosen by importers in Japan. You can’t go wrong with any of these varieties. If you are looking for some very Japanese seating suggestions, this list of the best snacks to drink will help you broaden your horizons while exploring all of these complex flavors.

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