City rewards the owners of the most beautiful properties

City rewards the owners of the most beautiful properties

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Stronie Śląskie is a town in Poland, in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, in the Powiat kłodzki district in the commune of the same name. 6,202 inhabitants live here. For many years, a competition has been held to encourage homeowners to improve their appearance. City authorities recommend investing in roofs, facades and thermal modernization wherever they can reduce low exhaust emissions. At the same time, they emphasize maintaining order in the property and taking care of cleanliness. All this is important for improving the well-being of the inhabitants, but also for the reception of the commune by the guests who come from year to year. Mayor Dariusz Chromiec notes that many homeowners have undertaken modernization or renovation work, spending considerable resources on planned work. The winner will be reimbursed, at least in part, for the costs incurred.

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